About Villa Aske


Location: Bro, 30 minutes to Arlanda. 30 minutes to Stockholm.

Hotel: 88 rooms with 130 beds.

Dining: Space for 200 guests.

Conference facilities: 7 conference rooms and 18 group rooms. The largest meeting room can accommodate around 180 people.

Health: Relaxation area with sauna and jacuzzi.


Aske allé 2
197 92 Bro

Phone: +46 8 584 222 00
Email: info@villaaske.se

Stockholm's nearest palazzo

Idyllic, yet conveniently close to Stockholm and Arlanda – Villa Aske is Sweden’s most intimate and most complete conference facility. The atmosphere here features warmth and a love of Italy. Classic Italian architecture in the beautiful Swedish countryside, secluded yet not too remote, with modern facilities in the heart of a historic location. Stockholm’s nearest palazzo!

Complete in every respect

Whether you’re planning a small management team meeting, a big launch or a conference lasting several days, everything has to run smoothly, from logistics to technical issues. Our Italian renaissance villa and our pavilion contain meeting rooms of various sizes for a variety of needs, and the Studio provides the opportunity get away from it all while still having amenities close at hand. Whatever setting you choose, you will be able to work in a relaxing environment.

Italian passion for Swedish ingredients

The food we serve at Villa Aske is inspired by the Mediterranean, but made using top-quality Swedish ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons, and just as in Italy, with natural, authentic flavours. A sun-kissed tomato, a light dusting of Parmesan, a new variety of blueberry – for us, food is both sensual and an adventure. The aroma of freshly-baked bread wafts from our own bakery, where every day we bake sourdough bread, foccacia, biscotti and much more besides – all from scratch.

Activities on your own

We want you to feel at home even if you live away. There are a variety of options if you want to work on your own. Wake up to the birdsong outside the window, take a walk in the running track or a walk in the fragrant park, or why not cycle down to Lake Mälaren for a refreshing morning dip?

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The history of Villa Aske

The architect responsible for Aske, an Italian villa in Florentine renaissance style, was the Italian Carlo Bassi. He later became a prominent city architect in Turku, Finland, and Aske was the only building he designed in Sweden.

The Aske estate was founded in the Middle Ages, and became a tax-exempt manor in 1677. Influenced by the French Revolution, Sweden established new laws that enabled ironmaster Gustav Sehmann to buy the Aske estate in 1799, despite the fact that he was not of noble birth. In 1802 Sehmann commissioned Carlo Bassi to design a stately manor house. Bassi gave Aske a neo-classical style inspired by Florentine renaissance villas. After seven years of work, Aske was completed in 1809. In the meantime, Bassi had left Stockholm for Turku, so he never got to see his one and only commission in Sweden in its finished state.

Being the only one of its kind in Sweden, this structure is regarded as unique, and is therefore a listed building.

In 1872, Aske was purchased by the Lewenhaupt family. Lewenhaupt was an agriculturalist, and had 64 families living and working on the estate. At harvest time his steamboat went into Stockholm to sell the produce from the estate. The two cannons that stood down by Fiskarstugan would then be fired in salute so that everyone on the estate knew that it was time to celebrate. Today, these same cannons stand in front of the villa. Count Lewenhaupt travelled the world and enjoyed hunting. He brought back stuffed animals, as well as flowers and plants, which he planted all around Aske. He also planted the unique double avenue. The outer avenue was used by farmers and estate employees, while the middle was reserved for the gentry. The Lewenhaupt family lived at Aske for two generations, selling the property in 1946.

For several years there was an agricultural college at Aske, and the building was converted to make the premises more suitable for a college. The conversion work included tearing down one of the staircases in the entrance hall and removing stoves and fireplaces. In 1971, the Swedish Public Employment Service opened a residential study centre at Aske. It added the three red wings that are now used for accommodation.

In 2008, Aske Residential Study Centre was purchased by private owners, Thomas Sved, Michael Hallbeck and Lennart Holm. Its name was changed to Villa Aske Konferenser. Villa Aske Konferenser forms part of the same group as Friibergh Herrgård.

How to get here

Villa Aske has always been at the heart of things, just 30 minutes from Arlanda and Stockholm.Villa Aske is located by Sigtunafjärden, and millions of people live and work within a radius of 200 km. Villa Aske has always been at the heart of things. In earlier days it was water that linked people. Now it is railways, motorways and airports that form a closely-knit transport network and make it easy to get to Villa Aske, whether you’re starting your journey in Sundsvall, Örebro, Norrköping or Stockholm.



Villa Aske is approximately 10 km from Bålsta station, served by bus and rail services from Stockholm, Arlanda and Uppsala. A commuter train from Stockholm to Bålsta station runs twice every hour. For more information on timetables, see www.sl.se. Bus 803 from Arlanda and bus 895 from Uppsala both stop at Bålsta station. For more information, see www.ul.se. Bålsta taxi rank is right outside the station.



From Stockholm
Take the E18 towards Enköping. Leave the motorway at exit 148 in the direction of Skokloster, Sigtuna and Bro. Turn left towards Sigtuna (Route 269). Drive for 7.4 km and then turn right towards Konferens Villa Aske. After nearly 2 km turn left at the signpost for Konferens Villa Aske. Follow the avenue up to Villa Aske.


From Uppsala
Take Route 255, the old Stockholm road, in the direction of Märsta. After about 20 km, turn off onto Route 263 in the direction of Sigtuna/Skokloster. After just over 6 km, turn right towards Enköping/Skokloster. At the crossroads with Route 269, turn left towards Bro. After another 4 km turn left towards Konferens Villa Aske. After nearly 2 km turn left at the signpost for Konferens Villa Aske. Follow the avenue up to Villa Aske.


From Örebro/Enköping
Take the E18 towards Stockholm. Take the second exit for Bålsta. Turn right and head for Håtuna. At the crossroads with Route 269, go straight on. After nearly 2 km turn left at the signpost for Konferens Villa Aske. Follow the avenue up to Villa Aske.


From Arlanda
Leaving Arlanda, head towards Stockholm on the E4/E18. When the motorway splits, take the Stockholm/Sigtuna road. Now take a right and follow Route 263 towards Sigtuna/Märsta as far as Sigtuna. At the roundabout at Sigtuna, turn right towards Enköping/Uppsala. You should still be on Route 263. After a few kilometres, Route 263 turns towards Enköping/Bålsta/Skokloster/Erikssund. After Erikssund, turn left towards Bålsta. After 3 km turn left again towards Konferens Villa Aske. After nearly 2 km turn left at the signpost for Konferens Villa Aske. Follow the avenue up to Villa Aske.



We will be happy to arrange a taxi for you to and from Villa Aske. Bålsta Taxi and Taxi 020 are two taxi firms with whom we have a contract. They offer fixed prices and knowledgeable drivers.