Covid-19 information

Information in Swedish/Information på svenska


Your health and safety is always our top priority. In line with this, we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and are carefully monitoring and following the recommendations of the Swedish public health authorities. We have also implemented a number of procedures to minimize the risk of contact transmission of the virus, so that you, our guests, can be sure you are in safe hands. Following is a list of the COVID-19 related safety measures that we have introduced. These measures, and related information, will be updated on a continuous basis as restrictions and recommendations from the public authorities are adapted to the changing realities of the pandemic.


Measures we have taken at Villa Aske to minimize the spread of infection

  • Signs have been placed in all restrooms/bathrooms/toilets stating the Swedish public health authorities’ recommendation to wash hands frequently with soap and hot water.
  • High-contact surfaces in public spaces are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. Public restrooms, etc., are cleaned and disinfected more frequently.
  • All high-contact surfaces in our hotel rooms are disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available in several areas.
  • We disinfect the air in our conference rooms with the help of an ozone-cleaning device, which cleans the air at 180 sq. m. per hour from viruses, bacteria and other airborne particles.
  • All hotel room keys are disinfected between guest stays.
  • The reception area and point-of-sale terminals are disinfected several times a day.
  • We have increased the use of disposable gloves in our operations.
  • Conference room contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected prior to every conference. All conference pens are also sanitized.
  • Transport companies (bus, taxi, etc.) have been instructed to drop off and wait for their passengers outside the Villa Aske compound.
  • Our suppliers have also been instructed to leave their deliveries outside the Villa Aske compound to minimize contact transmission.
  • All conference groups will be given the option of hosting their meetings and overnight stays in a separate building with a private dining room if desired.
  • We have removed salt and pepper from the tables in our dining room. Guests how have to request salt and pepper, making it easier for us to disinfect the containers after use.
  • We have introduced more flexible reservation rules for new bookings.
  • Instead of a breakfast buffet, breakfast is served at the table in the restaurant. 


Safe meetings in complete seclusion

  • We offer several options for meetings and overnight stays completely secluded from other guests outside your group.
  • We have several dining rooms and can offer guests their own private dining room if required.
  • The group’s morning and afternoon coffee breaks can be served inside the group’s conference room, rather than in a public area, if so desired.