Weekend with sharing dinner

Experience fellowship in the Italian way with a rustic sharing dinner!

In Italy, the meal is sacred. You do not eat to live, you live to eat. It’s about taste and aroma but even more about being together. Food is community.

Experience a weekend that includes our version of the Italian dinner! A party in scent and taste and above all community. A so-called ”sharing dinner” where the food is placed on the table in bowls and on plates that are sent around in your company for your own serving. Gather the whole family or gather the group of friends for a nice and relaxed atmosphere and a great well-being factor. Feel free to combine with watering and breakfast. BENVENUTI!


Sharing dinner is a set menu. Unfortunately, we find it difficult to take into account allergies or other dietary requirements. Then we recommend instead that you book our 4-course Italian menu.


For bookings, questions or concerns, contact us at bokning@villaaske.se. Any cancellations must be made no later than 18:00 the day before arrival to avoid cancellation charges.